Don’t forget by bringing your sprinkler system into the 21st century this will help you save money with water savings and eventually will pay for the upgrades.

  1. Upgrade your controller to an ET Based Controller that uses either its own mini weather station or is set up to receive electronic weather data. You can realize a savings up to 50%*. Now the irrigation system only turns on when multiple weather benchmarks have been met and not while it’s raining.

  2. Having new Rotary Nozzles installed in place of your standard spray nozzles will provide highly efficient water distribution. Offering a low precipitation rate (only applying the amount of water needed) and highly uniform distribution. Using Rotary Nozzles can also save you up to 30%* in water usage.

  3. If you wish to keep spray heads then upgrade with Pressure Compensating Spray Heads. This will maintain constant low outlet pressure for maximum performance and eliminates fogging and wasting water. Water savings with Pressure Compensating Spray Heads can provide a 50%* water savings.

  4. Have Drip Irrigation installed in your shrub beds, this will realize a 50%* water savings by applying water right into the root zone instead of where it’s not intended like your windows.